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Monitoring of Hazardous Environmental Gases
Formaldehyde Waste Anesthetic Gases Nitrous Oxide
Xylene Ethylene Oxide Halogenated Agents
Toluene Glutaraldehyde Methyl Methacrylate
Dosimeter Badges (8hr. & 15min. TWA's)
Real-Time Breathing Zone STEL's by Infrared
Ceiling Limits
Leak Detection
Evaluation of Work Practices, PPE, Health & Safety Documentation
Air Flow Measurements
Room Air Exchanges
Pressure Relationships
Ventilation Evaluation
Fume Hoods
Hospital Areas of Concern
Surgery Pathology Dialysis
Delivery Cytology/Histology Morgue
Recovery Central Sterile Ultrasound
Passive Dosimeter Badges
GUS (Glutaraldehyde User Station)
Hazard Signs
All testing performed in accordance with regulations & methodologies set by OSHA, NIOSH, JCAHO, DHHS, CAP, ACGIH, ASHRAE. Onsite consultation and preliminary report followed by full documentation and recommendations in final report.

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